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"Food Fight" - The Citizen's Guide to the Next Food and Farm Bill

More people than ever are awakening to the importance of food and farm policy. A new resource guidebook is available that will likely encourage many of us to add our voices to the movement for Farm Bill reform.

We here at NCRLC highlight this publication because we are listed as one of the many organizations in their "Get Connected" directory identifying activists and advocates for a new kind of food and farm bill.

The guidebook arrives at a good time: both the Senate and House Agriculture committees are holding public hearings on the 2012 Farm Bill and are due to draft new legislation by this summer. In order to be part of the discussion, we need this kind of primer to help sort through the many programs and aspects of U.S. farm policy.

The editors of Food Fight have thoroughly rewritten their guidebook from the 2008 Farm Bill version. New chapters have been added on local food production and the need for a 50-year plan, rather than the five-year plans that Congress keeps re-authorizing. We believe readers will find the concise, well-written chapters easy to follow.

For our own advocacy work, NCRLC will continue to update our Agriculture and Food web section, and include timely updates and alerts in our weekly eBulletin. Sign up by clicking on the box at the very top of our web pages.

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