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Native American Scholarships available for college students

Scholarships go toward study of Minnesota wild rice

The Paul Schultz Sacred Manoomin Fund is committed to support ongoing efforts of Native Americans to gain academic expertise in their effort to preserve the manoomin (wild rice) in its natural state as found in lakes, rivers, and streams.
Paul Schultz (1944-2011) is best known as a gifted healer, teacher, and speaker.  Driven by his desire to connect with people and draw communities together, Paul devoted much of his life to social justice issues, specifically in the American Indian Movement.  He advocated for oppressed cultures and advanced efforts to protect the manoomin (wild rice) as a sacred gift from the creator.  Paul was also a strong voice in linking western and traditional medicine.
Why a scholarship?
The Paul Schultz Sacred Manoomin Fund seeks to fund students interested in deepening their understanding of manoomin and furthering their ability to appreciate and protect its integrity.  
Who may apply?
Native American students who wish to participate in a conference, seminar, workshop, class, or event that supports the effort to preserve the manoomin in Minnesota may apply for this scholarship.
How can I apply?
After reviewing the eligibility requirements below, you may fill out the following application online or download the PDF version and send to the listed address. You will receive acknowledgment of receipt of application with 48 hours and a notification of the decision to your application within four weeks from the date of receipt of the application.
Eligibility Requirements
1. Must be of Native American descent.
2. Must be enrolled at an accredited institution of higher learning in Minnesota (includes Community or Tribal Colleges). 
Application Instructions 
1. Review application questions before answering.
2. Type the answers to all the questions that apply. Then press SUBMIT button to submit application.
3. OR choose to download the PDF file and write in answers.  (See PDF for mail-in address.)
4. Deadline for submission: At least six weeks prior to date of requested event.
Option 2Download PDF application and send to the following address:
Paul Schultz Sacred Manoomin Fund
National Catholic Rural Life Conference
4625 Beaver Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50310
1. Submit application. 
2. Applicant will receive notification of receipt of application.
3. Fund committee will review application.
4. Notification of decision. Allow four weeks for an email response to application.
5. If you have questions, please contact Beth Hyser at (651) 962-5955.
Scholarship Program Partners
Other Information
List of authors: David Andow, Theresa Bauer, Mark Belcourt, Paul Bloom, Brenda Child, Jill Doerfler, Amber Eule-Nashoba, Thelma Heidel, Adam Kokotovich, Alexandra Lodge, Joe LaGarde, Karl Lorenz, Louis Mendoza, Emily Mohl, Jake Osborne, Kristina Prescott, Paul Schultz, David Smith, Susan Solarz, Rachel Walker.

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