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Getting Started

Step 1 – Review the Qualifying Guidelines to determine that your organization and project concept are eligible for CCHD funds. 

Step 2 - Contact the staff of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.

James Ennis, Executive Director – James Ennis, phone: 651-962-5956

Beth Hyser, Development Coordinator - Beth Hyser, phone: 651-962-5955
NCRLC staff are available to assist you throughout the application process.
Talk through your grant concept
Understand the CCHD grant timelines and requirements
Make connections with the local CCHD Diocese Director and CCHD grants staff
Answer questions throughout the application process

Our goal is to reduce rural poverty by increasing the number of CCHD grant awards in rural communities.

Step 3 – Review the CCHD website and resources.
CCHD recently launched a new website which features grant criteria, links to the Grants Specialists, process/timeline and a list of past grantees. The on-line application will be available on this site on Sept. 1, 2012.

Step 4 – Contact your local Diocesan Director.
All pre-applications and full proposals are reviewed and ranked by the CCHD Diocesan Director(s) and Bishop in the diocese(s) where your activities are located and the Grants Specialist for your region.  Contact the CCHD Diocesan Director with your proposal concept as early as possible.

Step 5 – Begin drafting your pre-application. 
You will be able to cut/paste into the CCHD on-line application.  The pre-application and refund applications will not be available until Sept. 1, 2012. Please save your work with a typical font and no extra formatting. You are allowed to save and return to your application if needed.

The pre-application can be found at CCHD Grants. You will need to select either the Community Development or Economic Development headings. Next, select Pre-Application from the topics list and that will lead you to the on-line application process. You will be asked to create an account and will need your organization’s Employment Identification Number. 

Please refer to the Writing Your Proposal area for general information about grant writing.

Step 6 – Submit Pre-Application on the CCHD website between Sept. 1- Nov. 1, 2012.  

You will need to create an account prior to entering your pre-application. 

Pre-applications are evaluated by CCHD Diocesan Directors and CCHD Grants Specialists on a rolling basis.  

Eligible applicants will receive an e-mailed link to access the online full application.  Groups that are not eligible for further consideration will receive a notice as pre-applications are reviewed.

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