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Petition Congress: Urge new & better Farm Bill now

Our message to Congress has been clear all year:  We need an equitable, sustainable farm bill, and we need it this year.  

Unfortunately, members of Congress had more party politics on their minds and less in the way of common good policy initiatives.

Congress left town just as the current farm bill expired (October 1), and they didn’t bother to finish a new bill or extend the old one. That left important food and farm programs high and dry with no funding.

So now, as we wait for their return to our nation's Capital in just a few weeks, we’re letting Congress know once again we need a 2012 Farm Bill – and we need it without further delay.

Will you help us insist on a better farm bill?

When Congress returns after Election Day, we can have thousands of signatures on a petition waiting for them. Let's tell Congress we can’t end the year without a 2012 Farm Bill.

Please join in solidarity. Signatures will come from:

  • Farmers seeking the tools they need to succeed in the field and in their local communities.
  • Food advocates working to ensure access to fresh, healthy food in schools and for those in need.
  • Concerned citizens anxious for real reform of farm subsidies and the elimination of wasteful direct payments.

Sign the Petition for a new Farm Bill now.


You will be telling members of Congress we need a 2012 Farm Bill that:

  • Invests in the future of healthy farms, food, and people.
  • Protects our precious air, soil and water.
  • Reforms farm subsidies and levels the playing field.


This is our last chance to get a farm bill done this year, and to get it done right.

Help us send a clear message to Congress by reaching 50,000 signatures by Election Day! 



Mary Vlazny | Thursday, November 01, 2012

Please work for nutrition that makes a difference in the lives of children in the U.S. and around the world!

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