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Successful CCHD Grants

This is the place to read about successful rural CCHD grants!

CCHD: Catholic Charities of Salina Expands Microloan Project
A woman arrived recently at the Catholic Charities of Salina, Kan., in a sticky situation.  She had accumulated high interest debt and owed money to three different payday lenders.  With no credit history, no bank relationship, and limited financial knowledge to begin with, this woman was in a tight spot.  Thankfully, the Catholic Charities was equipped to help.
Since 2008, Catholic Charities of Salina has been helping the people of Saline County rise out of high interest debt, attain small, short-term loans called microloans, and develop good standing with a local bank through the Salina Area Savings and Education Loan Program (SAASE).  Through this pilot program, Catholic Charities and other community partners have been able to offer loan assistance and valuable support for low-income clients to establish credit and banking history.
Director of Catholic Charities, Karen Hauser, saw the success of the SAASE Program and soon had plans to expand its touch beyond the Saline County.
“We have seen people establish saving and checking accounts and have even seen people taking out loans to buy a car,” she said.  “We thought, ‘We really need to expand this.’ We want to establish learning circles in order to teach people how to build their own credit.  We want to have communities themselves take responsibility for these projects in their own communities.  That will give [the project] the best chance of surviving in each community.”
CCHD Helps Kentucky Co. With Economic Development Grant
When the Owsley County Action Team (OCAT) formed back in 1992, it was thanks to the work of local citizens who wanted to make a difference in their community.
The member organization, which meets monthly, realized local officials didn't have the resources to better their community, and so they decided to do something about it.
"The idea was that community members would meet, do some planning, get training and begin to take part in working to improve our community," said Molly Turner, director of OCAT since 2000.
Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, Missouri
It had been 20 years since a pharmacy opened in Worth County, the smallest county in Missouri with less than 3,000 people. So in December 2009, local citizen Sherri James made a leap and opened Sherri's Pharmacy Services in Grant City, Mo.
A year and a half later, the pharmacy is doing better than James predicted. Soon it will have to expand or a new location needs to be found in order to have enough storage, she said. "The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive," the pharmacist said. "Everybody's really grateful that they don't have to drive."
Good Samaritan Home, Ohio
When he was released from prison in September 2009, Jason Wildes had no home, no job and no transportation. In fact, he should have still been behind bars. A condition of his parole was that Wildes had a place to live, but without that, he would need to finish out the last five years of his sentence of convictions of theft, burglary and corruption of a minor.
"I was stuck in there to finish out my time, even though I had a release because I didn't have a place to go," he said.
Enter John Graham and Good Samaritan Home, Inc. ... Read More
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