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Food & Justice > Placards for a Just Food System

Placards for a Just Food System

These one-page sheets or placards can be used as bulletin inserts or handouts at church events.

You can also include these in letters sent to elected officials, letting them know you stand by these principles of economic justice and food security.

To preview these placards, click on the Menu items at right.

If you like what you see, click below to download these as Word documents.

Please, feel free to use these widely! We encourage their dissemination during Parish Harvest celebrations or Rural Life Days.

Agricultural Ethics for a Global Generation

Church Role in Agriculture: why we the Church care; argument for a multitude of diverse & proprietary family farms.

Congregation Supported Agriculture: active role of parishioners in support & solidarity with local farmers, ranchers and food producers.

Dignity of Work in Field & Food Processing: focused attention on migrant labor, farm work conditions, food processing wages & conditions.

Stewardship of the Land: care of creation ethic, with reference to climate change and impacts on land, food, the poor and vulnerable.

Sustainable Livestock Production: argument against CAFOs and their adverse impacts on rural communities, local environments, food safety, market share.

Pure Water: A Sacramental Commons: stewardship and conservation of our water & public supplies.

Food Security for the Poor and Vulnerable: right to food, food for all, all the time. 

Economic Justice for the Poor and Vulnerable: greater attention to needs of the poor and vulnerable; need for food and agricultural development assistance, with special attention to women farmers.

Prayer to End Hunger and Deprivation


1 Church Role in Agriculture

2 Congregation Supported Agriculture

3 Dignity of Field Work

4 Stewardship of Land

5 Sustainable Livestock Production

6 Water: A Sacramental Commons

7 Global Food Security for the Poor & Vulnerable

8 Global Economic Justice

Communal Prayer for the End of Hunger