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Food & Justice > Commentaries: Catholic call for a new food system

Commentaries: Catholic call for a new food system

This series of commentaries are suitable for reproduction in diocesan newspapers, other publications or online blogs that are looking for faith-based perspectives on our food system. These brief commentaries are written in a way to introduce you to the complexities and problems of our current global food system.

Much greater detail is provided in our Food Security & Economic Justice study guide.

In a word, we wonder why an abundance of food can be produced and yet many still go hungry.
How do we secure food for all? How do we fix a broken economy that makes poverty and hunger persist?

Commentaries on Food Security & Economic Justice

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1 Complexities of World Food and Hunger

2 Pope Benedict XVI calls for "profound revision"

3 An Agricultural Ethic for a Global Generation

4 Finding the Alternative Course

5 Our Relation to the Land

Biofuels versus food: Weighing the balance