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Campesino Ministry

The word campesino calls attention to a ministry that focuses on the Hispanic farm worker.
Campesino simply means a person of the fields, one who works the earth. It includes all those involved in agriculture.
While for many the term “campesino ministry” has focused on the migratory worker, the ministry goes beyond the fieldworker and serves those with jobs in dairy operations, cattle feedlots, meatpacking houses and food processing industries tied to agriculture.

We warmly welcome the contributions of Fr. Mike McAndrew, who is the Director of Campesino Ministry for the Diocese of Fresno, California. He sends regular commentaries about his ministry work in California, and provides our network with a greater understanding of the life of migrant farm workers.
The first one (December 2010) explains more about campesino ministry and how Fr. McAndrew became more intimately involved over the years.
The subsequent commentaries explore the facets on farm worker conditions and the need for justice.


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