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Calendar of Events


NCRLC Appeal Month
This is our annual appeal to bishops, dioceses, religious communities, and network members to remember us in their end-of-year charitable donations. We greatly depend on your support to help fund our programs, publications and other services. If you're not yet a member, please consider becoming one!
Nov. 6: Election Day
NCRLC encourages you to vote today! By our baptism, Catholics are committed to following Jesus Christ and to be "salt for the earth, light for the nations." As the Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us, "It is necessary that all participate, according to his position and role, in promoting the common good. This is inherent in the dignity of the human person ... As far as possible citizens should take an active part in public life" (nos. 1913-1915). For voting resources, please visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" webpage.
Nov. 6-7: NCRLC Board Meeting
The NCRLC Board of Directors meet twice a year; early November is one of their usual times and they will gather in St. Paul, Minn. Learn more about who is on the NCRLC Board here.
Nov. 14-18: Festival of Faiths, Louisville, KY
The Festival of Faiths is an annual event that celebrates the religious diversity of our community, promotes unity, and strengthens the role of religion in society. Each year’s Festival brings thousands of people from different faith traditions together to discuss issues of importance to their faith life and their daily life, and to engage in common action to promote the good of our community. The theme for the 2012 Festival of Faiths is Sacred Fire: Light of Compassion
Nov. 22: Thanksgiving
Lord, we thank you
for the goodness of our people
and for the spirit of justice
that fills this nation.
We thank you for the beauty and fullness of the
land and the challenge of the cities.
We thank you for our work and our rest,
for one another, and for our homes.
We thank you, Lord:
accept our thanksgiving on this day.
We pray and give thanks through Jesus Christ our Lord.
R: Amen. (Prayer taken from Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers)