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Ethics of Eating > Principles for Ethical Eaters

Principles for Ethical Eaters

For Human Dignity:
-- Every person has a right to sufficient and nutritious food.
-- Farmers, farm workers, and food workers deserve fair wages and safe working conditions.

For the Common Good:
-- People around the world have a right to food security.
-- Developing local food systems are more sound than depending on global trade mechanisms.

Preferential Option for the Poor:
-- Poverty and hunger go hand-in-hand; we must eliminate poverty to end hunger.
-- We must always concern ourselves first with the needs of those who go hungry.

For Integrity of Creation:
-- Stewardship of the natural environment is essential for a future abundance of food.
-- Animal production for human consumption must be carried out humanely.

For Subsidiarity:
-- People around the world have a right to local control and food sovereignty.
-- We affirm the consumer's preference for local food production.

For Solidarity:
-- Enact fair trade provisions and uphold anti-trust enforcements.
-- Respect farmers and producers worldwide as we would for our own farmers and producers.


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