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Spiritual Resources > A Rural Life Prayerbook

A Rural Life Prayerbook

Published by NCRLC in 1956, the Rural Life Prayerbook offers traditional prayers of the Church and features blessings and prayers unique to the rural family. A sampling of prayers are found in some of the Menu items at right, and also at Seasonal Prayers on our website.
We invite you to visit the NCRLC online Store to purchase your own handy copy ($15).
This 400-plus handbook, along with original illustrations, is exceptional for its prayers and devotions throughout the ecclesiastical and calendar year.
Part I: Prayers for the Country Family
Part II: Occasional Prayers for Various Times, Feasts and Seasons of the Year
Part III: Blessings from the Roman Ritual
-- Blessings of the Country Home and the People In It

-- Blessings of Food and Drink

-- Blessings of Farm Animals and Their Needs

-- Blessings of Fields and Crops
-- Blessings of Buildings, Vehicles, etc.
Part IV: Prayers and Devotions
Part V: Liturgical Devotions for Country Living
Part VI: Selected Psalms
(See Menu at right: Click on "Contents" for more detailed contents.)




Meditation on Farming by Msgr. Luigi Ligutti

Prayers for the Country Family