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Religious Communities on the Land

Catholic religious communities of women and men have historically created new patterns of leading moral and sustainable lives. Even today, many religious communities are developing sustainable ways of living and forming innovative relationships with Creation.

In an effort to highlight "best practices" and offers ideas for others to adopt, we have put together a database of religious communities on the land. Besides their name and location, we show contact information and a brief description of their sustainability practices and land conservation efforts.

[Note: The current database is now dated; several of the contact names no doubt have changed over the years.
           Please excuse us; updates are currently underway.]

We highlight just a few of the real world examples of "gentle abidance" on the land as exemplified by rural monasteries and convents that live lightly and contemplatively the good earth:

The Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery in North Dakota are utilizing wind power as an alternative energy source.

The Dominican Sisters of Great Bend, Kansas, operate Heartland Farm and offer Heartland Ministries to their rural area.

The Sisters of St. Francis Oldenburg, Indiana, operate Michaela Farm in the spirit of sustainable agriculture.


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