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This Study Guide is a reflection on hunger and poverty, and a call to action and justice. It begins with an observation of the world as we know it: A world with resources and knowledge to produce ample food for all, and yet too many people have little to eat and few resources to lift themselves out of poverty. The content of this study guide delves into a critical reflection on how we relate the current world situation to the Story and Vision of our Catholic faith. 
It ends with the possibilities for action by individuals and groups. 
Leader' Guide: This guide will help group facilitators lead groups through the Food Security and Economic Justice study guide. It includes extra resources, tips and helpful hints to aid groups in examining Economic Justice and Food Security through the lens of our Catholic faith. (Web versions can be found HERE and HERE.)
This small hand-held prayer book  was first published by NCRLC in 1956. It includes classic prayers of the Church, but also blessings and prayers unique to the rural family: Blessing of the Barn and Stored Harvest, Blessing of Poultry, A Farmer's Prayer to Mary, Devotions for the Feast of St. Isidore, and many more! (1956, 410 pp.) Dimensions are approximately 4x6.
(You can preview the Rural Life Prayerbook by visiting this online version, text only.)

Vintage cookbook with stories and recipes that reflect the liturgical year. A labor of love, this book celebrates food, family and faith and is one of the most sought after publications of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. (1996, 126 pp, spiral)

Prayers and blessings throughout the year that highlight rural life, the land, change, first fruits, visitors & guests, and more. (16 pp., 8_ x11)

A concise treatise of the forces shaping rural communities, agriculture and the environment by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Principles of Catholic social teaching are illuminated and suggestions for action presented. (2001, 35 pp, color booklet)
Rural life celebrations help highlight the life of the rural church, help remember that our roots are deep in the soil of this earth, and that we and the earth belong to God. This handbook provides ideas and resources to plan and carry out rural life celebrations. (21 pp, spiral)
This historic piece of research by NCRLC's preeminent figures -- Msgr. Luigi Ligutti and Rev. John Rawe, S.J. -- is devoted to "the purpose of presenting some of the steps that must be taken to rebuild our land, our homes, our democracy, our culture and our religion." It is a comprehensive critique of the factory system, which to them signified "concentrated mass production" and the attendant social problems due to mammoth-scale industry and commercialized farms. The book is no longer in print, but can be viewed online at Their critique -- and response -- are as relevant today as their perspective coming out of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl years.
On the front of the card is the 4-color catalan retablo of the saints. On the back is the story of Isidore and Maria.
On the front of the card is the 4-color catalan etablo of the saints; on the back is a prayer to the saints.
On the cover is the 4-color catalan retablo of the saints; blank on the inside page for handwritten notes. Envelope included.
These beautiful 5 x 7" prints are the 4-color catalan retablo of the saints and suitable for framing.




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