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Paul Schultz Sacred Manoomin Fund

Native American Scholarship Application 2012

  1. Review application questions before answering.
  2. Type the answers to all the questions that apply. Press SUBMIT button if applying electronically.
  3. Deadline for submission: Six weeks prior to date of requested event.

By checking this box, I confirm that I am of Native American descent and I am eligible for this scholarship.

Personal Contact Information

Full Name
Date of Birth
Gender Male Female
Home Phone
Cell Phone

Education Information

I graduated from high school (received my GED) in:
Name of High School:
I am enrolled in an accredited institution of high learning: Yes No

Statement of Scholarship Need

Name of conference/workshop/program
Date of Event

In 3 or 4 sentences please describe the event in which you would like to participate and the funds requested.

In 3 or 4 sentences please explain how attending this educational activity will help you protect manoomin, nibi and the environment.

If you receive funding to attend this activity, you will be asked to write a brief 2-3 page narrative of your experience, your learning and how you might use this learning to protect the manoomin. Do you agree to take responsibility for completing this assignment and returning it to the fund?


Please list one reference who we have permission to contact for additional information:

Relation to You